Heart of Feathers Education has joined forces with the MSPCA - Nevins Farm (Methuen, MA) to create a full range of Companion Bird Education.

This opportunity gives Heart of Feathers Education a home location, and gives You choice of training options:

-If you currently have a bird, and have questions, sign up for consultation without your bird.

-If you currently have a bird, and looking for advise,  sign up for consultation without your bird.

-If you currently have a bird, and need assistance on understanding a behavior, sign up for consultation without your bird or sign up for a consultation with your bird.

-Ask about fun training classes (Target Training).

-Ask about free fun information session

Please feel free stop by, check out the website,  call or email the MSPCA - Nevins Farm for these great companion bird education sessions.

Now, with that, Heart of Feathers Education, will still offer on-site consultations, outreach fun training sessions, web training, and continue to promote companion bird education.

Heart of Feathers Education wants to offer more. We are non judgmental zone to give you the assistance when you have questions, advise, or assistance with any companion bird (From African Gray to Zebra Finch).

What can a Certified Parrot Behavior Trainer do for you:

  • Prepare you and your companion bird for vet visits
  • Assist you and your companion bird through difficult behavior(s).
  • Show you enrichment ideas; peace of mind, that your bird is busy.
  • In Person coaching 
  • Build Confidence and Trust 
  • Review the environment
  • Remind you why you love this bird.