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 August 28, 2016 - First Video Log

This is my first video blog. It is adhoc video so things did not go exactly as planned but this how Parrot Training goes. You have to go with it. This youtube video is trying to explain what Heart of Feathers Education is and why I want to assist folks that have birds:
The photo is J and I after the video clip. (I told he was looking for more head scratches).
 August 27, 2016 - Promote and Education

I know I owe some J or other bird training behavior videos, but while preparing for for events, I have been doing some studying.  I am always learning and keeping up to date on my training.   September I will have some training videos.  Thanks for checking out my facebook page and my website.

Remember: September 17 and 18 I will be promoting Heart of Feathers Education, LLC at the New England PetExpo at the Wilmington Shriner Auditorium. Come visit my table.