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Heart of Feathers Education offers a variety of services.  
Our Objective to set up rates that fit your need. 

You are correct you could get assistance from youtube, people on the internet, and someone who has a companion bird.

Why should I pay for assistance? 
I have been in your shoes. I have had companion birds for many, many years. I have read books, reached out to pet stores, and asked assistance from vets.  What I discovered is either I did not understand the methodology, the free advise did not work, or simple I disregarded the free advise because I just did not like it.

Why is it when we go to School or take a course, we value that professors information? The person is educated, has experience, and the information is from a valid source.  Why do we pay for the course? In the end, we expect to learn and gain valuable knowledge needed for our job, forward our career or open our minds with new ideas.  

Heart of Feathers Education, Sheila S Blanchette, Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant has spent
hours in courses, hands-on, mentor experience, exams, re-education, and completed case studies overthe last 5+ years.  Why?  To be that professor/course to assist people with companion birds to work through difficult behavior.  Did you know one of the top reasons companion birds are surrendered is due to a difficult behavior?
These are our companion birds and we should not treat them as property and give up on them.
We need to learn and give them a chance to be part of our family.

I leave you with this thought....
When buying jewelry for your significant other,
you can buy the jewelry from
1)  a gum ball machine
2)  the dollar store
3) a known jewelry store 

You might say to me yeah, but I can go to the known jewelry store and get something cheap.
You could. I would ask why did you not buy it from a gum ball machine or the dollar store?

There is value in my services to assist in variety of behavior.
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