Consultation/Training Packages

Customized your private bird training program.
-These packages were created to make sure weekly dedication to the growth of your
bird's learning and increase your love for your bird.


 3 Week Session Package - 

This 3 week continuous session package includes customize starter plan to prepare you and your bird to happy behavior. Enjoy your bird's companionship.

The package includes travel, 3 working sessions, enrichment toys (when needed) and customize starter plan.

Green Zone/ Yellow Zone – $150  -   North Shore , MA, Seacoast NH,  Middlesex County, MA ,  Southern ME,  and Merrimack, NH area.  ($50 a session)

Red  Zone – $200 -   Cape Cod Area, MA   ($67 a session)

Blue Zone – Case by Case Rate -   Rhode Island

* Payment due upon start of the session (You will receive invoice prior session).


Please choose your consulting dates carefully.  In order to keep our case load small for personalized attention, we are unable to accommodate cancellations with these packages. We appreciate your understanding.

 Accepted Payment Methods:
Cash , Credit Card and Paypal